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All fruits and veggies are not the same. Storing produce properly is paramount in ensuring quality. That’s why our facility is equipped with five different temperature controlled coolers designed to keep each item at the optimal temperature for freshness. We also use refrigerated delivery trucks so that our product is kept in top form on its way from our company to yours.











We contract a twenty-four-hour security company to immediately alert us of any sudden drops or spikes in temperature that could cause harm to our products and we are equipped with enough generating power to operate successfully through power outages.

Even with all the proper precautions in place, sometimes bad things happen to good veggies. If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of your delivery from Keddy Bros, just let us know.  We’ll fix it.


In 2004, Keddy Bros worked with Ruben Technologies, an independent food technology company, to design and implement a HACCP Safety Program.  Each year we contract a third-party audit through Guelph Food Technology Centre and have been exceeding industry standards in every category.

To find out more about how our program works, give us a call.